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Serving Florida, 
Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Louisiana, 
The Carolinas,  Kentucky, and Georgia



Miami, Florida

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The Consulate General of Saint Lucia, located in Miami Florida, was established in December 1999 to develop economic, commercial, scientific and cultural relations between Saint Lucia and the states of Florida, Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina,  Kentucky, and Georgia.  The Consulate is also responsible for safeguarding the interests of Saint Lucians resident in, or travelling within these States.

The Saint Lucia Consulate in Miami pursues opportunities that directly and indirectly contribute to increased business and investment activity in Saint Lucia.  In this capacity, the Consulate not only facilitates the establishment and growth of such activity on behalf of foreign investors, but also on behalf of returning nationals.

Strategically located in the "Spanish-English" metropole of Miami, the Saint Lucia Consulate is also a principal administrator of Saint Lucia-Latin America international economic relations.

St. Lucian Registry

This page is currently being developed to provide a database registry for St. Lucians living within the service areas of the Consulate.  The objective of the database is to provide St. Lucian's with a connection to home, linking them with information on opportunities and other areas of interest. The database will be capable of capturing information on work experience, skills, and interests (e.g., information on St. Lucia, investments, events, career opportunities).  This information will enhance the Consulate's ability to serve its constituents, while at the same time providing the Consulate with information about available St. Lucian talent. 

In the meantime you may use the attached form to send us your information.

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